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COVID-19 Spanish Lockdown from Marbella to Malaga

Here we can see the extent of the COVID-19 lockdown, starting with Marbella and then onto Malaga and the airport during the Easter weekend last month. If this were a normal Easter, these streets and beaches would be thriving with holiday makers and Spanish Nationals, making the most of the long weekend and all that the coast has to offer. Since the Corona Virus hit Spain, there have been 26,070 deaths (as of May 07, 2020, 17:00 GMT). Although the number of daily deaths has risen, the number of new infections has fallen. Total confirmed infections now stand at 256,855.

With the recent slackening of the lockdown laws throughout Andalucia, and imminent relaxation again next week, we have to be very careful to remember how easily this is spread and keep vigilant. Even though we are all sick of this situation and long to be free once again to walk, work and earn money, this is not over by a long way and could get even worse through silly mistakes.

Stay well everybody and stay out of danger!!

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